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Most of the below has been explained in the Income Programs page.

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about our Membership Income Program Memberships.  In answering the questions, ISGincome tries to be as comprehensive in its answers as we can possibly be.  However, before we begin, we need to address the question of what really is ISGincome.  Additionally, if you do not see your question or an answer to a question that you may have, please email us your question - we cannot answer or address a question/concern unless someone asks us or notifies us of the question or concern.  The email link is at the bottom of the page.

To emphasioze and clarify our points, and to be clear about who, what, when, where, and why ISGincome exists, what it does, and what your relation to ISGincome will be, we have repeatedly stated our position several times below:

To be fair... ISGincome will start by addressing the most frequently asked question and statement made to ISGincome about our Membership Income Programs:

A.  "Is ISGincome a pyramid scheme or a multi-level-marketing program?"; and

B.  "Your Membership Program looks like a pyramid scheme?"

ANSWER:  The simple answer is No!  If you have these same questions and concerns, then you do not understand our Membership Income Program.  It is not any type of Multi-Level-Marketing ("MLM") Programs, Network-Referral-Marketing program, Affiliate Marketing program, or Pyramid Scheme, and we will show you why...

1.  What is the difference between Multi-Level-Marketing ("MLM") Programs, Network-Referral-Marketing program, Affiliate Marketing programs, or Pyramid Scheme, and the ISGincome Membership Income Program?

ANSWER:  The simple answer is No!  Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM), also referred to as "Network-Referral" or "Network "Marketing or "Pyramid Selling" (not to be confused with "pyramid Scheme"), is a marketing and sales strategy in which commission participants promote and sell a product or service.  The earnings are commission-based and derive from sales of products to end-users or to other distributors the seller has recruited into their network.  Unfortunately, Multi-Level-Marketing businesses (MLMs) are structured in a way that mainly benefits only those at the top of the hierarchy.  What this means is that you have to get into the MLM at its initial growth stages to really make money, and only if you are great, not good, at sales and marketing and can convince people to trust you and join your Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) business.  Multi-Level-Marketing businesses (MLMs) are very similar to Pyramid Schemes in this way. . This is a legal marketing strategy and system.  The only real difference between a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) program and a Pyramid Scheme is that in a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) program you make a commission on product sales to customers, whereas in a Pyramid Scheme, it bases its pay on network recruitment (meaning you make money by recruiting others) but different than recruiting a person and making a commission as a "referral".  At glance, and without truly comprehending the legal aspect and how they work, Pyramid Schemes sounds like a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) program, Affiliate Marketing program, and a Referral Network program Commission scheme - and this is so far from the truth as it can get.

Although Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) programs are not illegal and true pyramid schemes are, there are some notable similarities between the two.  Even in a legal Multi-Level-Marketing programs it is rare that participants make a profit.  The startup investments are typically so high that it is difficult to recoup the money you put in. And the recruiting to get others to join, and get them to get others to join, etc., is difficult at best, not to mention time-consuming with very little result or profit.

Affiliate Marketing program is much different but is also legal.  With this strategy, participants choose which products they promote and earn a commission on every sale they make.  This money is paid by the retailer or business to the affiliate for driving traffic, sales, or referrals.  There is no network recruiting involved.  There are also no startup fees for joining an affiliate marketing program.  As long as you have a method for promoting brands, you can begin doing so for free.  Many people find this strategy somewhat profitable, but you really have to be great at marketing and selling, and the relationship is mutually beneficial for the company and individual affiliates if the person is successful in marketing and selling products.  However, it all takes work, sweat and effort, and, as was just mentioned, you have to be great at marketing and sales.

Network-Referral-Marketing program (also known as Referral-Network-Marketing) is identical to Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) and it legal, but with a different approach where you make commissions on the sales of products and a bonus for recruiting people to join.  You sell a product or products and at the same time, recruit others to join and sell the products

Pyramid Schemes are fraudulent schemes disguised as an Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) program strategy, or an Affiliate Marketing program, or a Referral-Network-Marketing program. The difference between a pyramid scheme and these other lawful marketing programs is that there is no real product that is sold in a pyramid scheme.  Participants attempt to make money very rapidly, solely by recruiting new participants into the program.  The hallmark of these schemes is the promise of sky-high returns in a short period of time for doing nothing other than handing over your money and getting others to do the same.

Checklist for Recognizing a Pyramid Scheme:

2.  Is ISGincome Membership Income Program a financial program to get immediate results and sky-high returns by recruiting others, and a very quick way to make a lot of money in a very short time period (Pyramid Scheme)?

ANSWER:  The simple answer is No!  The ISGincome Membership Income Programs are not going to make you a lot of money overnight or in a short-time period.  This program is not a pyramid scheme or a get-rich-quick scheme.  And... you are not required to recruit others to help you make a lot of money in a short-time.  Are you going to become a millionaire over night or in the months to come with the ISGincome Membership Income program?  Absolutely not!  And, you will not become a millionaire in any of the ISGincome Membership Income Programs.  They are not designed that way.  However...

This is a Membership income program designed to give its Members a steady, monthly, residual income as a "Thank You" for helping ISGincome and ISGstores build its Online Stores and product, directory network, and classified ads .  The ISGincome Membership Income Programs are designed as a monthly, residual builder at a steady pace.  The monthly income amount you receive is up to you. You set your own income level by the number of Memberships you join.

If you joined only one (1) Membership at $300.00 Membership Fee, your residual, monthly income will be $75.00 per month for as long as the Online Store you are assigned to remains online and in the ownership, possession, and under the management of the ISGincome Group (Refund and other terms and conditions apply - see Rules).  If you do not want to earn additional referral commission fees by getting others to join, but do want to increase your monthly residual income, then join multiple Memberships.


  • If you joined five (5) Memberships ($1,500.00 in Membership Fees), ISGincome will pay you $375.00 each and every month.

  • If you joined ten (10) Memberships ($3,000.00 in Membership Fees), ISGincome will pay you $750.00 each and every month.

  • If you joined fifteen (15) Memberships ($4,500.00 in Membership Fees), ISGincome will pay you $1,125.00 each and every month.

  • If you joined twenty (20) Memberships ($6,000.00 in Membership Fees), ISGincome will pay you $1,500.00 each and every month.

  •       ...And so on.

In addition, you are not becoming a "Distributor", and you are not required to sell or distribute products, and therefore, you do not have to invest-in or purchase any inventory whatsoever.

3  Are you required to "invest" a large amount of money up front for inventory to become a distributor?  Is this "investment request" disguised as an inventory charge?.

ANSWER:  The simple answer is No!  In the ISGincome Membership Income Programs you are not becoming a "Distributor" of anything.  As mentioned above, ISGincome is not any type of Multi-Level-Marketing ("MLM") program, Network-Referral-Marketing program, Affiliate Marketing program, or Pyramid Scheme, and this is not an "investment request", you are not becoming a "Distributor", and you are not required to sell or distribute products.  Simply put... This is a Club Membership, and therefore, you do not have to invest-in or purchase any inventory whatsoever, so therefore, you do not get stuck with any inventory.

4.  Is there any mention of or attention paid to a market for the product or service?  Multilevel marketing depends on establishing a market for the company's products.  If the company doesn't seem to have any interest in consumer demand for its products, don't sign up.

ANSWER:  The simple answer is No!  AGAIN, THIS IS NOT any type of Affiliate Marketing program, Referral Network Marketing Program, Pyramid Marketing Scheme, or Multi-Level Marketing ("MLM") program.  As far as marketing goes, all promotions and marketing is done by ISGincome.  In the ISGincome Membership Income Programs, you are not becoming a "Distributor" and you are not required to market, sell or distribute products.

5.  Is there more emphasis on recruiting people than on selling the product or service?  Is the plan designed so that you make more money by recruiting new members rather than through sales that you make yourself?  Are you offering higher commissions for recruiting new members versus commissions made on your product sales?

ANSWER:  A pyramid scheme trademark is where people are paid high commissions to recruit people to join and less commissions on selling products.  However, you are not required to recruit anyone and you are not required to or sell products.

In the ISGincome Membership Income Programs you are not required to recruit anyone to join.  The focus of ISGincome is for ISGincome to get people to join the ISGincome Membership Income Program directly. By them paying a Membership Fee, ISGincome uses these fees to pay for the expenses and development of building our new Online/Internet Store websites.  From those Membership Fees, we will build Online Stores and create an Online/Internet Store Network with a Classified Directory and optimized, proprietary Search Engine that embeds with and works within Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

As a "Thank You" for joining and helping us build our Online/Internet Store Network, we pay Members (you, if you joined and paid the required Membership Fee of $300.00), $75.00 per month for each Membership they join ($300.00 Membership Fee per membership).  To increase their monthly income, our Members can join as many memberships as they like (as long as there are available memberships), thereby substantially increasing their monthly income from ISGincome.  There is absolutely no work required.  However, if the Member wants to put effort into increasing their monthly income besides paying a Membership Fee or multiple Membership Fees and receive a monthly payment from ISGincome, they can refers others to join and receive a one-time referral commission fee of $60.00 plus a residual $15.00 per month for each person who joins directly through them as per the Membership Income Program Rules.

AGAIN, THIS IS NOT any type of Affiliate Marketing program, Referral Network Marketing Program, Pyramid Marketing Scheme, or Multi-Level Marketing ("MLM") program, but... if a Member gets someone to join directly through them, they get a referral commission fee.  However, if the Member who they got to join gets another person to join, only the Member that got the person to join directly gets the commission.  This is only a one-level, direct referral commission fee program.  No Member is a "Distributor", no Member sells or distributes products, no Member has to invest-in or purchase any inventory, and no Member is required to recruit anyone, whatsoever.  Therefore, again, the ISGincome Membership Income Program does not fall into any of the following categories:  Affiliate Marketing Program, Referral Network Marketing Program, Pyramid Marketing Scheme, or Multi-Level Marketing ("MLM").

6.  How is my Membership Fee Protected?

ANSWER:  The Online Store you are assigned to is the "collateral" used to protect your Membership Fee only.  Each Member is assigned to an Online Store for the purpose of their monthly residual, income payments.  They do not own any part of the Online Store, its website, or its related company or companies.

Another avenue ISGincome takes to make sure the Members receive what ISGincome guarantees they will receive either in refunds or monthly payments or a pay-out if the Online Store closes, is to protect the "Internet Real Estate".  The Internet Real Estate is the domain name, the website and the marketing.  Each Online Store is created and set up in such a way as to increase its online presence, which increases its value over time, over and above its initial development and marketing costs.  At any given time, ISGincome and ISGstores are keeping tabs on the value of each Online Store in the event it has to be liquidated and the Member has to be paid in a buy-out as provided for in the Rule.  The protection comes in the form where the Membership Fee is paid-off first (over the first five (5) months), and then the residual, monthly payments begin. It is the Membership Fee that is protected.  Read the Rules.

7.  How many Members are assigned to each Online Store?

ANSWER:  There are a maximum of five (5) Members assigned to each Online Store for the monthly payments.  That is a total of $375.00 per month, per Online Store, that each Online Store has to pay-out each month to Members.  For the Online Stores that have to be closed-down and product sales discontinued or merged with another Online Store, the Memberships from that Online Store are assigned to another Online Store to keep their Membership active, or, their Membership has to be cancelled through no fault of theirs, the Member receives their Membership Fee back (less any payments made to them in the first five (5) months, plus three (3) month's of monthly payments = $225.00 or only (3) month's of monthly payments = $225.00 if their Membership Fee has been paid back in-full (which is done over the first five (5) months).

8.  When Do I Start Receiving My Monthly Residual Payments?

ANSWER:  You will start receiving your monthly payments within thirty (30) to forty-five (45) days depending on when you paid your Membership Fee or Fees.

9.  Can I Cancel My Membership And Get A Refund?

ANSWER:  The simple answer is Yes...  You can cancel at any time.  But, you only are entitled to a refund as to the remaining amounts of your Membership Fee(s) that have not been paid back to you.  The first five (5) months repays the Membership Fee(s), and if you cancel or terminate your Membership for any reason whatsoever before the first five (5) months, you will receive a full refund less any money that has been paid to you already from the Membership Income Program.  After the initial five (5) month period (the time after you have been fully-paid on your Membership Fee(s)), there are no refunds because you have already received your Membership Fee(s) back in-full.  Rescission/Cancellation Notices, Termination and Refund, & Buy-Out Policies can be found in the Rules page, in Paragraphs 14, 17,and 18. (Membership Income Program Rules &: Agreement)

10.  What benefits comes with the Membership?

ANSWER:  Currently, only the monthly income program and an online penny auction for charity (see Rules).  Plans are being made to offer discounts on products - real discounts, as the network builds its variety of Online Stores.  In addition, we are working on the legalities of offering a lottery club program (but only in the states where it would be legal).  In addition, ISGincome and ISGstores have in development their own crypto currency (similar to BitCoin) which will be available before the end of the year (2020), and there are other programs in the making.


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